To double the share of people preferring self-employment to be an employee and use the same as a vehicle to drive sustained economic growth and job creation.


SEEDI seeks to serve as the lead organization working to shape the ecosystem under which MSMEs operate in Nigeria and to in partnership with the government and the private sector, support MSMEs to thrive and contribute to sustainable economic growth and job creation.


SEEDI is of the belief that entrepreneurship is a powerful driver of economic growth and job creation, not only does it creates new business entities and jobs, it also opens up new markets, and nurtures new skills and capabilities.

Entrepreneurship makes economies more competitive and innovative and is crucial in achieving the objectives of several Nigerian sectorial policies. However, the depth of entrepreneurial activities in Nigeria is not at impressive levels and the consequences manifest in low levels of entrepreneur driven economic activities.

SEEDI believes that commercializing new ideas improves productivity and creates wealth. Without jobs from new firms, average net employment growth would be negative. New companies, especially MSMEs, represent the most important source of new employment: they create more than 1 million new jobs every year in developed countries. Yet in Nigeria, the engine for this recovery has been stuttering: since 2008, the share of people preferring self-employment to being an employee has significantly dropped in Nigeria.

The level of entrepreneurship and its nature vary widely between countries, and the reasons for low enthusiasm for an entrepreneurial career are therefore diverse. Generally, would-be entrepreneurs in Nigeria find themselves in a tough environment: education does not offer the right foundation for an entrepreneurial career, difficult access to credits and markets, difficulty in transferring businesses, the fear of punitive sanctions in case of failure, and burdensome administrative procedures. To make entrepreneurship the growth engine of our economy Nigeria needs a thorough, far-reaching cultural change and to this end, SEEDI is working with a broad of partners to deepen the culture of entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

SEEDI continuously strives to raise a generation of dynamic entrepreneurs who will be particularly well placed to reap opportunities from globalization and from the acceleration of technological change. Nigeria’s capacity to build on the growth and innovation potential of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) will, therefore, be decisive for its future prosperity.

SEEDI focuses on creating, rather than just proposing change, using skills that combine the deep experience of sectors and industries with an innovative, technology-driven approach.

OKEKE CELESTINE functions as the Lead Partner of the organization. He is a widely experienced change manager, derived from a variety of work-backgrounds such as the Innovations for Poverty Action IPA (A WORLD BANK AGENCY), the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YOUWIN) amongst other private and public sector clients.

Our principal partners’ profiles are complemented by highly seasoned, innovative and client-oriented professional consultants who have diverse skills and extensive hands-on experience in the areas of General Management & Organization Development, Human Capital, Industrial & Labour Relations, Outsourcing and Facility Management, Manpower Development & Training, and Information Technology in both private and public sectors of the economy.

At SEEDI, we do not rely solely on current thinking to achieve results for our clients. We bring in new ideas – management, technology, and industry insights that take our clients beyond their current mindset. We design solutions to achieve ease of implementation and lasting change.

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