We have launched and partnered with other organisations to empower youths and women in the following places



29TH JULY 2015

Our focus for this month shall be the National Directorate of Employment, taking a tour round the it’s past five year operations and looking closely on what government needs to do to strengthen it and make it more responsive to helping deliver its job creation mandate.



Our partnership with HRELIEF foundation saw to the training of over seventy rural women from JIWA community in the FCT and the disbursement of interest free loans for start-up and or expansion of business enterprises for the women.

We are also helping the rural women launch and manage a community microfinance institution of their own.



We trained Abia women on the rural women development programme initiative; the training essentially helped the women learn how to not start and or manage an already existing business enterprise and most importantly, how to manage their finances.

We had a total of eighty five (85) rural women who attend the training and planning on helping establish self-help groups (SHG) that will enable them scale up their enterprises and provide a platform for enhanced communication with them.



Unemployed youth’s empowerment programme training was conducted in Benin City where youths were thought the power of “think big start small” principle. 

Over 40% of the trained youths have since started micro enterprises and we working with them to help them remain sustainable and profitable, and also to help them learn how to plough back part of profit earned into the business.



We partnered with the Benue State MSME monitoring office to train beneficiaries of the CBN MSMEDF initiative in the state; the participants were drawn from the three senatorial district of the state.

We have maintained a free business clinic consulting services for the beneficiaries; they are encouraged to continuously share their challenges with our team.


24TH JUNE 2016

We will be looking at constituency projects in SMEDAN (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency) for NASS (National Assembly) members and its overall negative impact in the delivery of SME development by the agency.

Our focus shall be a tour around the various constituency projects taken by NASS members from SMEDAN and the funds allocated for same.

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